My name is Bertrand Parse, I have been passionate about making murals with spray paint since 1998. Since 2017, it is my full time job.
I paint sometimes alone, sometimes with the public of my commissions. 
This can be schoolchildren, students, patients in a clinic, retirees, people with disabilities or people reintegrating into society.
It's always a moment of sharing, friendly and the fresco creates a good collective memory.
In my area many public buildings are dilapidated, such as schools, colleges, high schools, hospitals and many others.
This is also the reason why employees of these establishments frequently call me so as to produce colorful murals and offer public a warmer environment.
But the severe lack of budget means that artistic or cultural activities always come last. In particular with the consecutive crises, cultural things are not priorities.

Mimiche to the rescue
Although I had many other contracts with private companies, I thought I had to react. I cannot abandon to their sad fate all these hospitals and schools which I think have the right, more than the others, to have an environment brightened by color.
After turning the problem around and discussing it with my friends and others artists, I found that the best solution would be to use the new technology that everyone is talking about: NFT

In the manner of crowdfunding, my character Mimiche, a pug, could finance mural projects in the following establishments:
- Pediatric services in hospitals and clinics.
- Frescoes in schools, colleges and high schools.
- Structures recognized as being of public utility dealing with young people.

The plan

Regarding the murals

The MimicheNFT collection will be splitted in multiple series.

1 serie will fund one mural

- Calculation of the cost of a standart mural (3m*2.5m, 6m*2.5m etc.)
- Splitting this cost in 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 NFT(s). Ie : For a 900$ mural, we will have 10 NFT of 90$.
- Adding the gas fees, taxes of the platform to ensure that the mural cost is covered.

Each mural will be painted, documented and an article will be posted in this website as proof of well done task. Adress of the mural will be communicated. 

Regarding the collection

This is a collection of great pug character in many situations and styles. Mimiche exists for real, he is a pug named Michel, he is sleeping in the living room as I write these lines. Pugs have rather funny faces and a very expressive look. You have to know that Michel is already a superstar in the neighborhood! 
Quite to work on a character for a long time, choosing an idea I like is he best option!
There is 333 items to collect !

In the description of each NFT, will be indicated the detail of the coming up mural.
After a serie is fully sold, the mural will be completed during the six following monthes. 
My large advantage is that I have many contacts in these establishments and it will be very easy to quickly obtain authorizations to paint the walls.

Usage of the funds

100% of the funds raised from the initial sale of each NFT will be used to go and paint murals in these structures, myself at the beginning.

If sales become importants other worldwide street-artists will join the project to keep painting murals in more and more places.
In this case, street-artists will be chosen in my network (+500 street-artists) and officially announced as joining the team.

When funds are raised for a mural :

1. Funds are converted in fiat and stocked on main wallet. This will preserve the amount raised in the event of sudden changes in the value of the crypto. The cost of the mural will then be insured.
2. Mural will be done, documented and posted on current website and shared to the community.
3. Funds are transferred to the wallet of the artist who painted the mural.

Royalties : 10% will be applied and will be splitted like as following

Usage of the 10% Royalties :
- 50% stocked and injected in a extra mural project when the total amount is enough.
- 40% for the artist who painted the mural linked to the serie of the sold item.
- 10% kept in the wallet as treasurery
Extra for the investors

- On demand, investors can get original image on canvas made in my own workshop and with custom size. (Expedition fees are in charge of the buyer)
- A full serie investor will get his name or nickname written in signature of the mural as main donator.
- All the investors names or nicknames or groups will be written on the website pages of the murals as donators. 
- Satisfaction to make the world more colorful!

Future of the project

- Pro street-artists joining the project to keep pace with ongoing sales.
- Possibility for the investors to choose the place where the mural will be painted in a list.
- Possibility for investors to suggest places in their own cities.